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"Trail riding 2 strokes in Colorado, pipe damage is inevitable. I’m so glad to have a local reliable pipe repair place I can turn to. Service and quality are top notch and drop off/pickup was super convenient. Highly recommend!" - Jason, Husqvarna 150

"Pipe was pretty banged up and Front Range Pipe Repair made it look like new! Great turnaround and great job." Amanda, KTM 150

"Quick turnaround, pipes look great. Local drop off saved on shipping." Mike, KTM 300

"I just got my pipe back this morning. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you because y’all did an amazing job on it! It doesn’t even look like the same pipe anymore! I really appreciate the great work!" Mike, Honda CR125

"2 stroke pipe looks like new!" Nikki, KTM 150

"I have spread the word with all my buddies , two own their own shops. Multiple things about our first conversation on phone , left me with the feeling I made the right choice with going with Front Range Pipe Repair !!!"  Scott, Honda CR250

"My pipe turned out great...Very nice job and the turn around time was quick..." Steve, Honda CR500

"Pipe showed up at the house yesterday , looks great !!!   Thank you for your work !!!!"  Scott, Honda CR250

"...since I now had 3 bent pipes (OEM + 2 FMF) all of which didnt fit , I needed to find someone who did pipe repair.  Found someone named Jon at Front Range Pipe Repair in Golden that does work on two stroke pipes (google it if you are interested).  Had no idea there was someone in the area who did repair.  Rather than having to ship both ways (and pay the shipping cost), I was able to deliver them to Jon for repair.  I think Jon said about 1-2 weeks to get them done and got all of them done in less than a week.  Also, did some test fitting in person on my bike and was able to make some further tweaks to the neck of the pipe to get an even better fit. I like to support local guys  -- especially dirtbikers and I have been wanting to find someone who can do the work and figured I would mention my experience here..." -SilvFx, KTM 300

****NOT accepting new orders****

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