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Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to have Front Range Pipe Repair (FRPR) perform these services, I agree to the following:

1. I understand that FRPR will be using the same packaging and padding/packing materials to return my pipe(s)/silencer(s) to me and that FRPR is not liable for any damage incurred, in either direction, due to my improper packing of my goods.

2. I have cleaned my pipe(s)/silencer(s) to the best of my ability prior to shipping. I understand that FRPR reserves the right to charge extra for any dirt/mud/oil that is required to be removed in order for repair services to be performed.

3. Some pipes have factory-produced dents to help with routing around other components on the motorcycle. It is the customer's responsibility to clearly indicate on the pipe any factory dents that should not be removed.

4. FRPR reserves the right to refuse service for any pipe(s)/silencer(s) we deem to be beyond repair. The customer will still be liable for the original shipping charges to their location for FRPR to inspect the goods, but FRPR will refund any monetary deposits for work the customer has made at that point. The customer can then choose if they would like FRPR to dispose of the products or return them.

5. If any repair work has already been done to the pipe, please contact us with this information before sending in your pipe. We would appreciate you sending photos of the pipe to our email address at frpiperepair@gmail.com for us to inspect prior to placing your order.

6. Your pipe may not fit your bike like a new pipe. Front Range Pipe no longer offers pipe alignment.  

****NOT accepting new orders****

Don't see your pipe listed? Give us a call (720-266-0049) or email (frpiperepair@gmail.com) to discuss our services for your pipe.