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About us

Front Range Pipe Repair was founded out of a need to better serve off-road motorcycle exhaust repair needs. Modern 2-stroke and 4-stroke dirt bikes are vulnerable to damage incurred to the exhaust systems through contact with rocks, stumps, roost, and other natural features found on the track and trails. Damage to the exhaust system can lead to a significant loss of power and, in severe cases, potential damage to the engine. At Front Range Pipe Repair we provide a service whereby we can remove dents, weld (if necessary), and provide a variety of finishes to give this highly-visible area of you motorcycle the look you are after. Our focus is on customer service and we strive to provide timely and consistent communication with all of our customers regarding their service needs. We do not offer pipe alignment but have some tips we can share with you to do it yourself.


Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, with access to amazing Colorado riding areas, we support our local and national riding communities with important and money-saving services to keep you on your motorcycle.

****NOT accepting new orders****

Don't see your pipe listed? Give us a call (720-266-0049) or email (frpiperepair@gmail.com) to discuss our services for your pipe.